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1. The 2 Most Critical Items You Need for Easy Results
Most regular trainers and equipment sales reps take a "more is better" approach and they try to cram in whatever they can, into your precious space.

This approach usually leaves out a few of the 'essentials', because they don't bring as much profit - and ultimately sets the stage for failure.
2. How to Create the EXACT Home Fitness Area for Your Unique Needs, and NOT for Fads or Trends
You are not "like everybody else" - and therefore you need what is right for you. I'll show you how to zero in on your exact needs so you get 'the right things'.

You want to avoid making choices based on fads and trends of the common crowds and mass media.
3. The Most Overrated and Overpriced Exercise Machines to AVOID
Fitness equipment companies make the most money when they sell you big, complicated contraptions and/or 1-Trick cardio machines...

Don't fall for the hype this time.
4. The 3 Most Dangerous Pieces of Equipment that You Do NOT Want
Workout and exercise injuries are at an all time high and rising.
Don't be another statistic with those crazy, high-intensity, ballistic approaches.

Avoid injury and setbacks that will only delay the results you desperately want.
5. The #1 Most Forgotten (and Most Important) Part of Your Home Gym & Fitness Plan
Without this you might as well not even start!
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